Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lee Min Ho is Willing to Star in Same Project as Kim Soo Hyun

Lee Min Ho revealed that he is willing to work with Kim Soo Hyun in the same project.

Chinese media outlet Sina reported on September 4, “Lee Min Ho showed a positive response to acting alongside Kim Soo Hyun.”

Lee Min Ho attended a promotional event for beverage company in Hong Kong on September 3 and the reporters asked him, “Many people consider Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho as rivals. If you get the chance to star in the same project as Kim Soo Hyun, are you willing to accept the offer?”

Lee Min Ho answered, “I don’t think that actors put a lot of limitations when they choose a project. Since we’re actors in our 20’s, it’s the time period where we should be working on the projects as passionately and fiercely as we can. If it’s a good and charming project, I think it can become a good memory for me even if I work side by side with Kim Soo Hyun.”

The reporters then asked Lee Min Ho if he is willing to act opposite Park Shin Hye in his next project again, who he was rumored to be dating after co-starring in The Heirs. He said, “I haven’t been able to meet her since the drama ended, but I’ve been texting her from time to time. I hope there comes a chance for me to work with her again.”

About EunB, the member of Ladies’ Code who passed away on September 3, Lee Min Ho expressed his condolence by saying, “I only found out through the news after I arrived in Hong Kong. I didn’t know her personally but I feel sad that something like this happened to her at such a young age and I hope that she went to a good place.”

Photo credit: Newsen

source: ENewsWorld

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