Friday, February 24, 2012

Lee Min Ho refuses to appear in SBS’s drama Faith. Why?

After a thorough examination, Lee Min Ho recently has decided not to appear in SBS’s new drama series Faith.

Starhaus Entertainment, Lee’s agency, said in a phone interview with TV Report on February 23, “It is true that Lee was casted to star in Faith, but after revising the script, he has decided not to appear in the series.”

Faith is a story about a doctor during Goryeo Dynasty and is to be directed by producer Kim Jong Hak who had worked on Eyes Of Dawn, Sandglass, and Legend and by scriptwriter Song Jina who had written for The Great Ambition, Rosemary, Legend, and The Slingshot. The series has built expectation for actress Kim Hee Sun selected it as her comeback work. It is still looking for the male leading actor.

Faith is to open in August, and for now, Kim Hee Sun, Lee Philip, Kim Seung Soo, Lee Min Young, Park Sang Won, and Choi Min Soo are currently decided to appear in it.

Source: TV Report

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