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Lee Min Ho for @Star1 Magazine no.62 May 2017 Issue "Just as it is, Today and Always..Lee Min Ho's Day" Interview - 27.04.2017

When you live by just closing your eyes, and or lean against the wall. Is this an appearance of an artist that just have natural talent in modeling, posing and taking photos? Lee Min Ho has photographs and pictures taken with @Star1 Magazine ahead of his upcoming enlistment. Perhaps it's not exaggerating that every time he change and wear any clothes, it looks perfect. And every time the camera took any angle of him, it became a pictorial.

Lee Min Ho once said "I want to be able to stay in people's memories for a long time since this is the last pictorial that i'll take before the upcoming enlistment.".However, we are all sure that it's unlikely for his delightful laugh would be forgotten during his 2-years absence.

@Star1 Magazine: "Your upcoming enlistment is approaching fast. Tell us, what are you doing lately?"
Lee Min Ho: "After finishing SBS 'Legend of the Blue Sea'. I am still in a process on digesting and processing this upcoming enlistment news, and currently waiting while preparing myself."

@Star1 Magazine: "We all and yourself already had a feeling that you know you'll enlist on the first half 2017?"
Lee Min Ho: "At first, i thought that i would not mind. Of course i've seen a lot of people crying, feeling lost when someone they're close with enlisting to the military service. At first, i thought i could be cool, and enlisting honestly. However, then i feel that there are a lot of things that i have not done. Rather than the enlisting to the army part, i feel pity and bad for already passing my 20s? I feel more sorry in aging, that now i am already entering my 30s. I actually feel more sorry for my work (in acting) since honestly, i still had so many things i wanted to do..hahaha.."

@Star1 Magazine: "Over than years has passed since your debut, and perhaps it's not an exaggeration to say that you work relentlessly 'like a bull' on your 20s. What's with the previous opinion? (saying that he still had many things he wanted to do)"
Lee Min Ho: "At first, i thought that i've come this far and sometimes, i wanted to rest. I was wondering too i could still be a good actor in my life in my 30s if i didn't charge-ahead properly now. In my opinion, it seems natural that through enlisting in the military, it will be a wonderful new personal experience. With all due respect, i do feel that i work hard for the past 10 years and it became natural, but i think that Lee Min Ho is losing himself."
@Star1 Magazine: "Can you elaborate more on how Lee Min Ho personally lost himself."
Lee Min Ho: "Somehow, there were points in my life when i work as an actor, controlling my private life and personal life. I think that during that time, i have forgotten much of my past. When i enlist, I wonder if i can still have some time to think about the meaning of life, and values of the future."

@Star1 Magazine: "You enlist a little bit late."
Lee Min Ho: "As you perhaps already know, i was hurt in a traffic accident when i was 20 years old. It was very hard for myself during that time, it was hard for me going from 21 to 22 years old. I thought at that time that i should probably go enlisting to the army since work was not well either due to my physical issue. However, my parents and the company think that it is not a good idea, which left me to not going even when i wanted to."

@Star1 Magazine: "But instead, you work hard and became the current Lee Min Ho"
Lee Min Ho: "If i went enlisting, i won't be able to take the 'Boys Over Flowers' project or perhaps all of my fans won't ever heard of that drama. On the other hand, i think i couldn't have been happier on how i spent my 20s. It was a good choice to not go early. I have been doing dramas for over 10 years. There's not a single regret in it. I was very happy as well that i got a lot of love overseas and was in the middle of a good generation. I thought, that i also made my own contribution in promoting Korean Wave Culture."

@Star1 Magazine: "Lee Min Ho has been known to accept many drama projects, but are you still thirsty for movies especially Korean? It has been put on hold since 'Gangnam 1970'."
Lee Min Ho: "Of course, absolutely. My initial goal is to actually do one movie before enlisting, but unfortunately the timing was hard due to 'Legend of the Blue Sea' shooting later than how it was originally planned. However, since my early 20s, i have vaguely thought "I wanted to film a movie when i already aged", so i am also looking forward for it. On the other hand, i do not think it would be right either to make a lot of movies when the weight of Lee Min Ho as a human being and a man, and the deep feelings of being an actor could be cultivated more. Well, after all i am a greedy person and i wanted to work with various genres, and work with various directors."

@Star1 Magazine: "For now, do you have any kind of genre of movies that you would like to appear in, in the future?"
Lee Min Ho: "I wanted to try genres such like '007 Series' (James Bond) and perhaps 'Mission Impossible'. A genre that could be aimed to the whole Asian market. I also would like to try mellow movies, just like what you can find sensitive Hong Kong movies. Anyway, i feel that i am also a generation which is in the middle of analog and digital. I still have memories of old analog way, a movie that contains social values, values that are appropriate to the generation. For example, the MBC Documentary that i participated in, 'DMZ: The Wild', the documentary movie is something that reflects my thoughts, and deals with my areas of interest. I think it would be meaningful to be able to inform many people on my area of interest as an actor, exactly like Gong Yoo-sunbaenim (A Korean Actor) choosing to work in the film 'Silenced' in the past."

@Star1 Magazine: "Now, we are curious on the daily life of actor Lee Min Ho."
Lee Min Ho: "Nothing, i do nothing, Hahaha. It's actually a trouble/problem i think since i really do nothing. In the past, i always relentlessly in search of something, but now i did not to that. In the past, something always burned inside of me, a heat..but now there's no such thing. Now, i am in the middle of trying to find it again. Probably chronic fatigues could be a significant effect of doing nothing? Hahaha."

@Star1 Magazine: "Do you have any favorite food?"
Lee Min Ho: "Heol~ Isn't this a typical question? Well..i like 'Mom's Rice'. So therefore, my ideal type of woman is a woman who is good at cooking. Hahaha. My mother is a homebody person, and i plan to keep close, taking care of here for the rest of my life. Oh well, perhaps a woman that is close with her family and had a motherly figure would be good."

@Star1 Magazine: "Another typical question then. For Lee Min Ho, what the secret of beauty?"
Lee Min Ho: "Hahaha. I think, beauty is..there's nothing that you can actually do. Probably there's nothing more that you can do, even compared to an ordinary man. I think now there are a lot of people seems to be interested in beauty management in order to get more beautiful? I think we should just stick to the basics, even when it has been been said very often. Just use whatever you have, apply it well and erase it well."

@Star1 Magazine: "Do you personally enjoy going out, or travelling?"
Lee Min Ho: "Of course there are some points of life when you just get tired, and leave your home. For example, i went somewhere, but i didn't like it when someone talk bad about it afterwards. With the vast development of SNS these days, it's already difficult for me to go anywhere without someone knowing, noticing or recognizing me, then taking photographs. Then sometimes, there are certain kinds of people who post here and there, producing useless words related to me. Of course, a big accident has not been happening, but to be honest i hate it, i consider it a headache when these kind of people who does not know me well did this."

@Star1 Magazine: "We think that you have been living rather quietly for more than 10 years without any incident"
Lee Min Ho: "Is that so. Hahaha. I consider myself to have lived comfortably then. So perhaps therefore, i have lost myself. My personality changed. At the beginning of my debut, i think that i shouldn't hide anything when i became famous. However, i gradually got stuck in a corner and my personality changed. It was really extroverted, and in many areas it became really conservative. Of course, i still have good relationship skills among people who i work with. However, i seems to be still a little bit conservative."

@Star1 Magazine: "This is a year where a lot of juniors are born"
Lee Min Ho: "If i was given a chance, i wanted to be a senior whom my junior that need help could depend on. In fact, i think about 80% of actors, idol and singers in entertainment industries seems to not start their career in a good environment. I think i did too. When you encounter something, of course you need a window where you can hear something that is objective and fair. There are a lot of cases when you had difficulties of making decisions too. I was still at my early 20s when i started my career and when i met young people these days, i told them those difficulties of mine."

@Star1 Magazine:
"Perhaps, would you like to try a challenge to live as a soldier, and not an actor?"
Lee Min Ho: "I think regular life itself is already a great challenge, Hahaha. Perhaps because i never got up and and do not go roaming around late at night now, expect when i was still at school since i personally do not enjoy drinking. Even at home, i have a lot of things to do. Because those kind of work is nocturnal, where you wake up all night and when you arrive home, you're already exhausted to do anything."

@Star1 Magazine: "What would you like to say to your fans in the counting days ahead?"
Lee Min Ho: "I personally think that i still can't understand my fan's thoughts perfectly. I was once liking someone very much, but never been crazy. There's a celebrity i like in the past, but i don't have that kind of experience like what my fans did. I don't understand what i should do, so i don't think i had the right. I feel that there's a gap of course since you can't see each other for a while, of course i do feel sorry, since our hearts technically i believe are communicating well with each other. If we're faithful to each other, and keep being healthy, will time pass by real quick? I also consider this as a healing, and then coming back with a good work is another healing."

Editor:Kim Doo Ri
Interview Yun Ga Yi
Photographer Kim Oi Mil
Stylist Kim Ji Yeon, Kwon Soo Heon (EUPHORIA SEOUL)
Hair Lim Jung Ho (Aura Beauty)

Original Source: @Star1Magazine
Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono

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