Thursday, April 13, 2017

GREEN WARRIORS: Lee Min Ho Follows In The Footsteps of Leonardo Di Caprio

South Korean actor Lee Min-ho and Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio have more in common that you think.

They are both classy, choosy about the movies they undertake, and are extremely quiet about their private lives. But that’s not all they have in common.

The stars of The Revenant and City Hunter are green warriors—environment lovers who are ambitious about leaving God’s green earth in topnotch condition for generations to come.While Leonardo DiCaprio recently invested in Love The Wild, Hallyu star Lee Min-ho broke the record for being the first actor to expose the mysterious and heavily guarded demilitarized zone to the rest of the world.

Fret not, the actor isn’t revealing any military secrets. Instead, his timely intervention has resulted in exposing a greater threat that could lead to the destruction of several lives.

Lee Min-ho, in his new fangled MBC documentary DMZ: The Wild, sheds light on the endangered wildlife species that needs the support of mankind. This wildlife populace exists on the border between North Korea and South Korea.

Unlike most countries, this border isn’t just a line. It’s a strip of land that is 2.5-mile wide on average—hence the name DMZ. The DMZ is a silent stretch of land, which no human is allowed to trespass. It is the line of division between North Korea and South Korea from the estuary of the Imjin River, which stretches 160 miles (248 km) to the Kosung Myeonghori.

The area boasts endangered wildlife species. Lee Min-ho, in his documentary, aims to educate people by showcasing the beauty of the region and the need for its preservation.

It’s worth noting that Lee Min-ho’s DMZ: The Wild is more than just a documentary. It’s a life lesson and shows the art of survival—just like DiCaprio’s The Revenant. DMZ: The Wild teaches how mankind and wildlife can co-exist—a concept which DiCaprio, too, has been promoting for a very long time.

Director Kim Jin-man and the crew of Tears of the Amazon as well as Lee Min-ho went into this land where the painful human history and unknown wildlife co-exists.

Lee Min Ho has camped out in a below-20°F weather and seen endangered species like the otters, yellow snakes, seals, and wildcats during his trips to the DMZ.

“Lee Min Ho found time to meet with the production team and visit the DMZ in the midst of busy schedule,” his agency said. Lee Min-ho has devoted almost a year and a half for this project— from October 2015 to March 2017.

Although Lee Min-ho has not officially stated that DMZ: The Wild is his last project before he enlists in the military, it certainly seems like a memorable way to make a spectacular exit.

“Like any other actor leaving for the army, I am sad to be parting with everyone; however, it will only be for a short while. I would like to work on as many projects as I can before entering the military,” actor Lee Min-ho told in a press conference, according to a report by All K-Pop.

According to a report by Hans Cinema, the project took a year and five months to complete, and its star host Lee Min-ho and the crew took a look at the survival tactics and rules of the wild that exist on this forbidden piece of land.

“All the soldiers stationed at the DMZ were very young. I felt a sense of guilt,” said Lee Min Ho as he shared his experience setting foot in the Korean Demilitarized Zone while filming the documentary.

In the documentary, Lee Min Ho will showcase the untouched land that has allowed wildlife to flourish for 64 years.

source: Inquisitr

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