Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lee Min Ho for 'COSMOPOLITAN' Korea Magazine Vol. 200 - April 2017 Issue "Dreamy Man, Lee Min Ho" Interview - 15.03.2017


In what seems to look like a field with lonely aura, with an empty building, a vacant and deserted lot, we COSMOPOLITAN Korea met Lee Min Ho who had the dreamy expression on his face.

COSMOPOLITAN Korea: You were going to release a new single mini-album. You admit to yourself that even though you are not a singer, this mini-album is like a reply of love and service to your fans, right? You are an actor, and also a Hallyu Star. Is this somehow an ambition, or a commitment from Lee Min Ho himself?
Lee Min Ho: No, it is not an album filled or even contain such commitment or ambition (laugh). In fact, there is actually a reason why i keep making albums. When i made albums, i realize that there were always more people that i do not know, compared to the people i know. In my opinion, releasing an album is one way, and the only way for me to communicate with my fans. That's the main reason why my album has been released steadily. And as the album has the theme "Always", it means "Always, Forever and Ever let's be together",

COSMOPOLITAN Korea: You have been doing a lot of donations and charity activities, even established a donation platform called "PROMIZ". Do you perhaps have a specific moment when, perhaps the main reason when you decided "I will establish PROMIZ"!?
Lee Min Ho: I don't think so, i have my fans behind me, the main reason behind the establishment of "PROMIZ". I knew that a lot of my fan clubs around the world have been doing a lot of donations and charities from the very beginning under my name. I watch it with my own eyes for so many years when they did it, when i made donations i also think of those who were in difficult position, or socially in a hard situation. Those kind of feelings and thoughts went through my mind, deeper each time. Especially when then i attend such big events, or social meetings. It's during that time that i think i would really like it if i can continue sharing beyond just simple donations or just giving things/material and therefore, "PROMIZ" was born.

During "Legend of the Blue Sea", Lee Min Ho's acting became a hot topic. Especially, since it's new and attractive. You were in charge of different characters and you show your emotions, your gentleness, even your pain. Can you think of one image that you think was the closest to the usual day-to-day image of Lee Min Ho?
Lee Min Ho: I think, in my opinion, my own personal image/character itself is a compilation and collection of characters. Even sometimes i think about it, of myself. Sometimes i do get moody, sometimes i feel that i'm more mature than who i'm supposed to know. Sometimes, i hold grudges and sometimes i am playful, there are those kind of sides inside of me. I think that's the reason why i can take out the characters, act and brought out the characters to the scene naturally.

How do you usually try to immerse yourself to your character, to the script for example during the script reading and especially, when you speak? Probably for actors and actresses, it's their job and it might be too easy since there are script writer as well. But for the reader, we of course would like to think "We are wondering how Lee Min Ho deal with acting, especially he's a famous 'Line Maker'!". We would like you to comment on this compliment.
Lee Min Ho: Huhu. Right, of course. In my case, you have to take deep breath first. You then laugh, and relax yourself naturally. But then, if you laugh too much it'll be hard to act. Right now, perhaps yes i have already getting used to it, but of course to some readers and for some other actors and actresses it's still weird despite was given the script by the script writer. At that time, i concentrated to my and the character's emotion compared to the lines.

We had to tell you, that your performance and acting's scope/spectrum is not narrow at at all. However, sometimes each time you finish on each role, your after-image is very hard to be forgotten is it.
Lee Min Ho: I personally think that, that is the part which i had to overcome. If you were an actor who already showed a lot of characters in your 20s, i think then you should be able to give out, explore and show your potential in other areas in your 30s. So therefore, i am actually also exploring and finding out what Lee Min Ho can do. To be honest, i have been living in a controlled, scheduled and regulated life for so long so therefore, i am now trying to find the image of Lee Min Ho just the way he is.

COSMOPOLITAN Korea: So, therefore, can you give a word that can describe the ordinary, day-to-day, daily Lee Min Ho without any schedule?
Lee Min Ho: Hanryang? (Jobless, Immoral, Free Playboy? a free-spirited but actually talented debauchee)? I think that would be the correct word? Hehe.

Thank You for your honest answer (laugh). As you know, COSMOPOLITAN Korea is a media platform that think that LOVE is one of human's important value. So, questions on love won't be forgotten in each interview. We wanted to know, In Lee Min Ho's opinion, according to Lee Min Ho, what kind of LOVE life is ideal?
Lee Min Ho: I think, my ideal image of love is a relationship where 2 parties can have positive effect and improvement on each other. Love should be a feeling that can create positive energy in every part of our life, and should be in each other when we're in a relationship. I think, that could also be felt with a sense of security, underneath the feeling of love. However, on the other hand, i also think that i should change through love and relationships, or feeling that i should accomplish something. It is also important to keep whatever that is, to be as it is between the 2 parties in a relationship. In my case, i wanted to see my significant other just the way it is without adding or hiding anything, and i also wanted to show myself as it is.

COSMOPOLITAN Korea: What if, you enter a situation where you have to sacrifice yourself for the person you love. For example, "The Little Mermaid", which generally became the concept for "Legend of the Blue Sea". What kind of choices would you think you'll make? Would you be able to lose yourself to protect your significant other? Or, trying to get your love no matter what?
Lee Min Ho: In my opinion, Love Story in dramas and real life has similar context and values. It's all about purity, passion, and sacrifice made for love. In order to keep those value, it will not be easy of course to be done in reality. But i think, if i was put in the same situation as in "Legend of the Blue Sea", the best choice i would made is of course trying whatever i can do to keep my love and significant other.

COSMOPOLITAN Korea: In general, what do you actually want to be? The word "Star" or "A Good Actor" seems to be vague and hard to explain nowadays.
Lee Min Ho: I think, i'd like to be a "Person with Charm" in many aspects of my life, as an actor an as a human being, a man. I want to be simply happy, happy with myself and with those people around me.

COSMOPOLITAN Korea: Then, are you happy now? Which moment that you think was your moment?
Lee Min Ho: Well, i think this is the moment when i feel great and happy in my life. The happiness actually made me feel that i have to share. I am indeed happy now, but then i also will try to find better, various value of happiness that will make me feel richer in the future.

COSMOPOLITAN Korea: If only you were give a super power, or just simply to change one thing in the world right now, what kind of thing would you like to change?
Lee Min Ho: If i could, i would like to change and unify the language of the world into one. Probably, it'll be a world where much more interesting things might happen.


Korean - English Translation: Monika Setiono (Please take out with full credit when re-posting)