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Lee Min Ho - Interview with SINA in Beijing, China - 28.04.2016



Are you as Lee Min Ho’s fans worried about what he’ll do after listing to the army, or when he’ll enlist to the army? Lee Min Ho himself is giving you a literal direct answer. Even when we are worried just like me when writing this article, let’s hear his answer.
SINA STAR is planning to ask Lee Min Ho interesting things but we are actually worried that Lee Min Ho won’t answer or hesitating. For Lee Min Ho, we thought that these 3 things are taboo: swollen face, love/relationship and army enlistment. But in fact, our fear wasn’t true and the so-called taboos are actually able to promote this popular star since he always thinks outside the box during our small conversation. Lee Min Ho is actually taking the initiative to talk about his army enlistment and with the help of his publicity team, our SINA Star are having great time.
We think that for Chinese media, digging information about Lee Min Ho is like a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. First of all, we have to give outline and second not to mention that his promotion and publicity team always beside him ready to help when it seems that we’re in danger. Not to mention that there’s a difficulty in language difference and translation. SINA has asked some interesting things but sometimes it’s too challenging and rejected after translated. However, among all of difficulties and all of the publicity team’s hard work, and even when the interview carried out with a language barrier, Lee Min Ho always manage to keep his sense and helpful towards the interview, he’s very skillful in answering the questions especially regarding sensitive issues which has to be deflected.
However, some of our small talks did not need any manuscript! We talk about some gossip and his existence himself. Before proceeding with the interview, some fans saying that they support Lee Min Ho to enlist soon. One fan has reportedly shaved her head to support him and finally Lee Min Ho said his opinion to public (respond) because it’s actually impacted much to the fan’s life.
Lee Min Ho told us that the time he has to enlist to the army has not yet been determined, but well the fan’s hair might grow again when he actually enlisted to the army. We are actually surprised by his respond! Because before the interview we were told that it’s prohibited to mention the word “army” or our interview would be cancelled immediately. Then we ask the next questions, whether or not he’s actually worried on his enlistment? Lee Min Ho said that he had been worried before but since he thought of his life as a book that he should be continue writing, the process or the chapters should be more important compared to the ending or the result.
So much power on the answer! He’s showing his emotion intelligence and wisdom at that very moment. Lee Min Ho also told us about Karena Ng on “Bounty Hunters” that she’s very funny as well as the whole group so we proceed to tease him and making a trap for him into speaking in Chinese “Lee Min Ho is stupid”, but I guess as always we failed, Lee Min Ho can never be fooled! From over 2,000 fans asking questions, we pick the 20 most interesting ones and eye-opening. However at the end, only some we proceeds were able to be given to Lee Min Ho!

1. SINA: “Bounty Hunters” is your first China big-screen movie which you shoot in both Korea and China. In your opinion, what is the difference?
Lee Min Ho: Actually, I think there’s not much of a different because the entire production team and environments are similar. However, since this is my first co-production Korea Movie, it’ll have different respond and of course environment, not to mention language.
2. SINA: Why did you choose “Bounty Hunters” and what are your thoughts when you enter Chinese big screen?
Lee Min Ho: There had been a lot of people and fans ask me this question, including Chinese fans when I shoot the film. In fact, it’s actually started a little bit late than the original plan because I have actually planned to achieve this.
3. SINA: Compared to the roles you have played before, which one do you think is the most similar to your latest character?
Lee Min Ho: In fact maybe “Kim Tan” of “The Heirs” would have similarity in terms of his mischievous charms reflected on this role, as well as in “City Hunter” when Lee Yoon Seong is actually part of the integration here in terms of action, having some similarity.
4. SINA: Compared to your previous works, do you consider this movie having the most action scenes? are there any injuries?
Lee Min Ho: I think it has relatively a lot of fight scenes, however my body is still tired and it’s hard. However, there are 5 characters in the movie with different personalities and my character YiSan (LeeSan) is some kind of a fighter who use his body to fight the most compared to the others. However, I have to say that the production crew has prepared well, therefore I am not injured.
5. SINA: Are there many fight scenes involving you and Tang Yan, and what is her impression according to you?
Lee Min Ho: I personally think that Tang Yan had a lively personality, very chic and positive. Our character on the movie is pretty much alike with us in real life, and since we communicate well, we shoot the scene well.
6. SINA: How is your chemistry with Tang Yan and did your character fall for her in the movie?
Lee Min Ho: I guess the drama did not emphasize much on the deep feelings between the two characters, but between them is trust and deep feelings.

Regarding senior Wallace Chung, which Lee Min Ho think is more professional and more handsome than him.
1. SINA: Regarding Wallace Chung and your cooperation with him. What do you think his personality is? Do you know his nickname here, like “Little Sun”?
Lee Min Ho: He had richer acting experience compared to me, and longer in this entertainment world compared to me. So perhaps I can say that he is my predecessors, not to mention older. He had all of the aspects needed to become a professional actor. Even when we worked with the director in South Korea and there are some obstacles in regards of language, Wallace-hyung (older brother) handle it quite well. He’s also ready to action and well prepared anytime and I study a lot for him, he’s has a lot of experience worth to study to and he has a model-like figure and a role-model.
2. SINA: Lee Min Ho and Wallace Chung in China had been considered “Men of God”. In your opinion, who’s more handsome?
Lee Min Ho: No to tell the truth, I think Wallace is more handsome than me.
3. SINA: We’re curious, when you two are in the studio talking together, are you two talking about how to take care of your handsomeness?
Lee Min Ho: No actually, when we’re talking in private we don’t have that much things to talk about expect the scene since we will talk about work, mainly because the main shooting area is China and I’m relatively unfamiliar with the environment. Our topic of conversation mainly focus on this area for example if we’re in South Korea I will say that South Korea is this, that, this, etc. However when we’re in China he’ll tell me that China is this, that, etc and how Chinese people are.
4. SINA: Can our Oppa please tell us a good way to maintain looks especially face?
Lee Min Ho: Actually, previously I’m not the kind of a person to pay any special attention to skincare but now I think that at least there should be some kind of a proper management. However, there’s no special treatment whatsoever but I still pay attention to cleansing and applying some cream, mask for moisture and replenishment before going to bed. And of course not to have too much stress because it’ll of course be reflected on our skin. I personally suggest that if we wanted to do skin care we should have the conscience first, and do a lot of sports.

1. SINA: Have you perhaps ever thought what if “Bounty Hunters” hit the box office and making billions, reaching billion of fans? And how will that benefit you?
Lee Min Ho: To tell the truth I had no idea about that. How China and Chinese people usually handle in terms of box office movie?
2. SINA: For example, some people/actors and actress promising to go to be beach without wearing anything, jumping into the sea and so on.
Lee Min Ho *went speechless for a while* *seems to not believe what he just heard*:
I will discuss with Wallace hyung first and told him what to do first.
3. SINA: Just in case you had to go to swimming without wearing anything, will that be so much of a trouble?
Lee Min Ho: I am sorry, no comment about this *shy and laugh*
4. SINA: Do you think it’s possible for you to participate in a Drama or Variety Show in China?
Lee Min Ho: Actually the thoughts are there but the now and then after shooting my work, I don’t actually have the time and energy to attend therefore it’s actually a little bit difficult.
5. SINA: Before you actually heard of a variety show where Anita Yuen and husband Julian Cheung spoke about you, have you actually meeting them and spoke regarding this?
Lee Min Ho: Oh regarding that I’m actually fully aware. I’m really thankful for the compliment and Thank You very much for them. However, I don’t have yet the time to communicate with them privately.
6. SINA: If your girlfriend (interviewer not mentioning any particular name) flirt with another handsome guy in front of you, how would you react?
Lee Min Ho: “I had no idea actually but i guess I won’t feel too happy about it and I won’t be able to stand it” (he did not mention any particular name)

1. SINA: You are now appointed as the ambassador for Korean Tourism, as well as 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic. Have you had any idea what kind of specific job you had to do?
Lee Min Ho: First of all the job of an ambassador is not actually too hard. Too bad I am not actually allowed to participate on the Winter Olympic so therefore I use this opportunity to know more about it and I use this opportunity to promote this event into the very smallest detail and do my responsibility well.
2. SINA: What is your favorite sport that perhaps you would like to see in the Winter Olympic?
Lee Min Ho: I like soccer of course and sports related to using a ball, surfing in the summer and skiing during the winter.
3. SINA: If we travel to South Korea, which place that you recommend for us to visit?
Lee Min Ho: I would like to recommend Jeju Island especially because of the fresh air and environment. In fact, traveling towards the city is also very good but since for me the main purpose and significance of tourism is to have a good rest, then Jeju Island is the best choice.
4. SINA: If only you had more time to travel outside Korea, where do you think you would like to go?
Lee Min Ho: Actually, I would like to go to various difference places in China because even when I often visit China, I mainly go to Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou for work. So therefore, I have not been to other places much and I would like to choose some kind of resort and tourist places that people often visit to play in China.
5. SINA: What if fans told you some places to visit, and they found you?
Lee Min Ho: Then I might go for a visit and covering myself well *laughing*
6. SINA: Of course due to the film “Bounty Hunters” you learn some Mandarin Chinese, what kind of Chinese word that you think you’re good at right now?
Lee Min Ho: That’s actually just a joke, but then sometimes when the staff saw our scene, they will say “ShǎGuā” (Fool) for fun only, shouting for fun.
7. SINA: So there are times including Tang Yan and Wallace Chung also shout ““ShǎGuā”?
Lee Min Ho: Yes, there are those times. And some Chinese staff saw us and said “Wait I think this has went wrong”
8. SINA: So this word “ShǎGuā”, who taught you actually?
Lee Min Ho: Tang Yan *grin and laugh*

1. SINA: We enter fans questions time. Do you think learning Mandarin is hard, or acting is hard?
Lee Min Ho: Acting is more difficult.
2. SINA: If only there are only 2 kinds of food in the world and it’s cucumber and parsley, which one would you choose?
Lee Min Ho: This is too hard now. Parsley. *giving no mercy*
3. SINA: You know that so many fans will often send you candies/sugar for you to eat, sometimes you immediately open it. How come you like candy so much?
Lee Min Ho: Of course I didn’t eat all, but I would like to show that I appreciate what they give. However, I would like to take this opportunity to say something that since a lot of my fans often give candy now I have too much candy so it will probably bring damage to my teeth.
4. SINA: What do you want to do to fans who really like to give you a lot of gifts?
Lee Min Ho: Yes on some days, I actually would like it if my fans prefer to give the presents to those in needs and take care of each other more, in my opinion it’ll make more sense since I know my fans are loving and kind-hearted people.
5. SINA: You know about his particular fan supporting you and sad because of your probability to enlist to the army anytime and shaving her head?
Lee Min Ho: Yes I have seen some articles; I am very grateful and touched. However, actually I have not received the call to enlist and the date to enlist to the army have not been determined yet so probably when I actually had to enlist, that fan’s hair had already grow even a little.
6. SINA: There’s always the possibility that other fans would show their support for you using different ways, are there any words that you would like to say to them?
Lee Min Ho: I am truthfully feeling really lucky, for part of me as an actor to be useful for other people, for example to encourage them, giving energy or giving more perspectives on their live, or many other things. So then I decided to work to various projects, I know I got a lot of love from my fans and I am trying hard to return the love.
7. SINA: It’s time to say goodbye right now and would you like to express yourself whether you’re worried about your enlistment to the military and your fans’ concern about it?
Lee Min Ho: Actually this doesn’t mean that I have not thought about it but I often compare myself of a book that is unfinished, a book that right now I am still continually writing on with uncertain ending. Right now I am currently writing on each page, and each chapter which actually processes on my life, in which I believe, should be remembered. And in order for others and everyone to enjoy the book (of my life), I will work hard to complete it, I fully know that it’s my responsibility. I pay more attention to the process rather than the outcome, or the result.

Chinese/Korean to English Translation (VIDEO/TEXT): Monika Setiono

*P.S: Since the article was originally written in Mandarin Chinese while the interview was held in Korean and Chinese, i deeply apologize if some words couldn't be fully expressed due to language barrier/differences. I also apologize whether there's any mistake in translating, or grammar. Please feel free to tell me when you saw anything i should correct on the translation. Thank You!


  1. Thank you for the translation. I was able to understand the QnA. Specially the answer of Lee Min Ho. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for the translation. I was able to understand the QnA. Specially the answer of Lee Min Ho. Keep up the good work.