Friday, April 29, 2016

Lee Min Ho brings up his military enlistment

On April 28, actor Lee Min Ho took part in an interview with Chinese media outlet Sina, where he personally brought up the topic of his military enlistment!

During the interview, Lee Min Ho was asked about a Chinese fan who had shaved her head to share with Lee Min Ho what it feels like to enlist. About the topic, the actor relayed, "I heard about it through a news article. I was very thankful and touched. But because I don't have any specific plans to enlist soon and I haven't received any enlistment orders, the fan's hair may have grown out again by the time I actually do enlist." With this statement, Lee Min Ho surprised the reporter as well as many of his fans, all of whom had been under the impression that the actor's enlistment date was nearing soon. It seems quite the contrary!

Lee Min Ho also thanked his fans for their continued support, saying, "I'm incredibly thankful for the fact that as an actor, I am able to be a source of positive energy and strength for another person. I want to share love between my fans through even better acting roles in the near future."

We need Lee Min Ho back on the screen soon, especially if he's not going anywhere in the near future!

source: allkpop

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