Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lee Min Ho does a very sweet gesture for a fan on her wedding day

Can actor Lee Min Ho be any more of a sweetheart? His consideration toward his fans is always amazing.

Recently, a post on an online community is going viral as it turns out Lee Min Ho had been very thoughtful toward a fan on her wedding day. Allegedly, last year, a fan attended a fan signing event and asked Lee Min Ho to choose a wedding date for her, giving him three options: December 2015, January 2016, and March 2016. Seeing this, he thought carefully about it, then put a check by the March date.

The fan proceeded to really follow his wishes, setting a date for March and sending a handwritten letter and invitation to his agency a week before. On her wedding day, the fan-turned-bride carefully entered the venue and was met with a beautiful sight! Lee Min Ho had personally sent a huge floral wreath to her ceremony! Understandably, she was very surprised and touched by the gift.Regarding this, his agency, Starhaus Entertainment, said that after checking up on this, they have confirmed that their actor had indeed sent the wreath. Written on it was his thoughtful words, "Live well and happily." 

source: allkpop

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