Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lee Min Ho and Fans donate 50 Million Korean Won to UNICEF for Water Improvement in Needing Countries - 22.03.2016

Actor Lee Min Ho just donate 50 Million Korean Won to UNICEF for Water Improvement in needing countries together with his fans.

On the 22nd of March, UNICEF Korea Community Chairman and spokesperson Song Sang Hyeon said that Lee Min Ho's donation is "Aligned to World Water day and connected to the charity platform that the actor has established (PROMIZ). The Actor has signed a Contribution Agreement to support the supply of clean water, and therefore a donation of 50 Million Korean Won was received" is what the chairman said.
The funds that has been donated from the charity platform would be used to purchase a water purifying system from the agent that has been provided 6.25 Million people with clean water, not to mention over 520,000 children. PROMIZ, the charity platform that Lee Min Ho has established way back in March 2014 with a launching party has done variety of donations and projects in sharing. Lee Min Ho mentioned that with his fans, he hoped to help a lot of people with continuous sharing and social contributions, as much as they could do with the market.

Back in 2009, actor Lee Min Ho has been doing projects with UNICEF including the project "LOVE NET" that prevent Malaria and mosquitoes and from that time on, had signed a close tie relationship with UNICEF. Lee Min Ho has been doing steady donation to UNICEF under his fanclub's name including 100 Million Korean Won as a help for Nepal Earthquake Emergency Relief back in 2015, also under his fanclub name "Minoz".

In the agreement signing ceremony, Lee Min Ho confirm "I will try my hardest to make PROMIZ the place where people look for love, if i can be that much of a help. Even one more people donate, i will work hard with my fans with the help of the charity platform and UNICEF to provide clean water for children."

UNICEF Korea Community also said "This fund we received would be a really great help, not to mention that it was in line with the World Water Day. We've been doing this campaign to raise fund since 18th of March in Lotte World Mall done by the government and UNICEF council members regarding clean water especially to children. The campaign is mainly focused to improve the environment to provide clean water especially to children in poor and needing countries with the funds collected through the campaign."

Original Source: naver
Korean-English Translation: monika

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