Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lee Min Ho is the most popular Korean celebrity in Germany

If you've ever watched Boys Over Flowers, you know why Lee Min Ho rose to fame and is now popular around the world. It's no wonder then that German fans of Korean dramas recently voted Lee Min Ho as "The Celebrity Fans Most Want to See."

A German website that broadcasts Korean dramas recently did a survey for "The Celebrity Fans Most Want to See." Lee Min Ho won by a whopping majority of 58%.

Many of the German fans cited Heirs and City Hunter as the dramas where they found and fell in love with the hot Korean star. It's interesting to note, however, that the reason they say Lee Min Ho is handsome is not because he is "trendy or fashionable," but that he is "an everyday guy who is handsome."

Lee Min Ho's unique charm has a strong and positive international appeal. He was also recently reported to be the most popular Korean star for the Arabic-speaking fans. A survey of 3,000 Arabic-speaking participants reported that Lee Min Ho was the leading personage that came to mind among all South Korean entertainers and celebrities.

In late November, Lee Min Ho won Best New Actor at the Grand Bell Awards and Popularity Star Award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. He is currently filming his new movie Bounty Hunters, which is slated to be released in 2016.

If you are an international fan, which country are you in and is Lee Min Ho your favorite star?

source: DramaFever


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  3. USA and yes LMH is my #1 star.

  4. from BR Rio de Janeiro and he is the best in education, manners and probably will be a good actor too. he is not so mature but he can reach this goal. Favorite is a lot of aspects.

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