Friday, October 3, 2014

Lee Min Ho reveals plans for next year in global press conference for 'RE:MINHO' in Beijing

The press conference for Lee Min Ho's global tour 'RE:MINHO' took place in Beijing, China on October 3.

He revealed that he unfortunately did not have the time to sing a song in Chinese for this upcoming music release, but he wanted to unveil a Chinese song next year, again showing how much he appreciated the overseas love he received as a hot Hallyu star. In addition, he talked about his upcoming movie 'Gangnam Blues' and his desire to do a melodramatic movie next year. It looks like he has a lot of plans for upcoming 2015!

In addition, it was no surprise that a ton of fans showed up at Gimpo International Airport on October 3 to see the actor, who was leaving for a concert in Beijing.

His second album, 'Song For You,' will be out this month, so get ready to melt into a puddle at this sound of his soothing voice!

source: allkpop

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