Friday, April 18, 2014

[SPECIAL] Lee Min Ho for Lotte Duty Family Concert - 18.04.2014

This post is a special post that i dedicated to all Minoz Korea who's in the middle of the grief from Sewol Ferry Incident. My heart is with you when you requested for no photos should be distributed due to respect of the grief. I respect Lotte who can't even cancelled the event, still manage to cut the broadcasting hour and change the performance concert into just a simple greeting from all of the performers. 

However, i will put an article on what happened at the venue, what happened during Lee Min Ho's session in Lotte Duty Free Family Concert, 18th of April 2014. 

Original Article: Summer_mino @ weibo

2014年4月18日 20:11


English Translation:

Lee Min Ho came out to the stage with the all-black suit, his expression is solemn and sad. Lee Min Ho said "An unexpected accident happened when it shouldn't even happened in the first place, as a person, i am really sad, my heart hurts very much. At this very moment people are still trying various ways of rescue operations, all of us really hope that all of them can go home safely to their family's arms! Now, what can we do? all that we can do, is PRAY, PRAY, AND PRAY AGAIN! I hope everyone can go home safely! "
Host: "But, do you know your work has been giving us a lot of strength? Do you know that a lot of Chinese people here who attend the event, are also missing their friends and relatives. Can you say some words to express your condolence?"
Lee Min Ho: "We won't ever lose hope, let's pray for all of them to come back home safely, and healthily. Today's event is scheduled for everyone to perform, but now changed for a simple greeting. However, i believe that there will be more opportunities in the future, where we can make more good memories~"
Host: "Now, you are busy filming the movie?"
Lee Min Ho: "Yes i am, now i am currently shooting for my new movie and by the second half of the year, i will meet all of you~"
Lee Min Ho actually can express his condolences through his eyes, he stood up carefully, look at every direction and said "I hope, the next time we meet, we're happy and healthy", then Lee Min Ho left the stage.

English Translation: Monika
Article Source: Summer_mino @ weibo
Photo Source: PROMIZ's Facebook

For Minoz Korea, please be strong. All International Minoz are with you. We will pray for every victims of the Sewol Ferry to come home safely to their family. This will be my one and only post about Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 18.4.14. No photos, or anything will come from me, in your request to respect your grief. Please, be strong. ‪#‎PrayForSouthKorea‬

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