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Lee Min Ho - MBC Documentary "DMZ: The Wild" - PD Interview - 13.06.2017

"The Wild" PD "I did not know it would be the last work before enlistment of Lee Minho"

Kim Jung-min PD of MBC documentary "DMZ the Wild" made a documentary work with actor Lee Min Ho.

The DMZ, the Wild, is a natural documentary about the wild world of the DMZ, an unknown world that has not allowed human access for more than half a century. The filmmaker and actor Lee Min-ho, who made 'Tears of the Amazon' and 'Tears of the Antarctic,' met with many stories about the demilitarized zone where the wild survival of the wild animals and the human history of the heartbreak coexist.

In particular, 'DMZ, The Wild' attracted attention by participating in the first half year and five months of shooting that took place between October 2015 and March 2017, and started to serve as a public service worker from May. Because it was the last work of Lee Min Ho, I was attracted more attention. So I asked the director of DMZ, The Wild, about the scene at that time. Director Sung Hyun did not participate in the schedule interview. Below is the answer.
Q. Casting actor Lee Min Ho in the DMZ, The Wild, as a presenter. Why did you use the concept of a presenter?
A. (Kim, Jung-min PD, Kim) It is because I am accustomed to entertain artists even in narration when making documentaries. It is true that there is a lack of experts in the calendar, but it is because the familiarity of the entertainer can make the documentary genre more boring. The presenter comes directly to the screen as well as the narration. In order to convey the unfamiliar environment and genre, I thought it would be better to go through the presenters, Lee Minho, who is familiar with viewers. For that purpose, I think that Lee Min - ho played 100% of that role.

Q. How was Lee Minho as a presenter?
A. (Cho, Cheol-Young PD, Joe) I had already set up and joined for 2 ~ 3 weeks. Between the crew and Lee Minho, we already know what our main is, what each roll is, and how we will deliver it in what direction. I did not feel doubt or worry at all. I shot so many scenes with Lee Min Ho. I was worried because I had to use the presenters so that the essence of documentary would not be damaged. Lee Minho, who has not been shown in this broadcast, tries to show up through various windows such as unclosed video clips.

Q. The concept of a presenter would have been unfamiliar to Lee Min Ho.
A. (Kim) When we first met, we did not know what to do, and Lee Min-ho had the idea of 'what can I do?' The filmmaker convinced Lee Min Ho, and Lee Min-ho also understood what kind of role he was going to film and got into filming. Maybe Lee Min-ho would be embarrassed a lot. If you say shooting, there 's such a fixed image that' s going to shoot you. (Laughs) In the beginning, we needed time to know each other's thoughts and think that the process was quite long. We talked constantly. Lee Minho also actively came, and we also see Lee Minho, worries have disappeared. Gradually, my hands and feet got to me, and later I did not have to say it.

(Joe) By the time I got there, Lee Min-ho was already climbing up the snow-covered mountain with his(our) staff. I thought it was a staff member, but it was Lee Min Ho. (Laughter) After the process of matching each other was over, Lee Minho was like that of a staff member. It was not like an entertainer at all. I thought it was from the beginning, but when I gathered the shot, I really wanted to do a great job. He was used to shooting as he fell from the mountains and rolled in the wetlands. I thought it would be the ideal process to see the production crew and Lee Minho who were right in the process. Lee Minho seems to feel a strange experience even though he thinks.

Q. The fact that Lee Min Ho's performance fee is 0 won was known at the production presentation, and there were lots of topics.
A. (Kim) The performance fee would not have been considered. Did not you know that documentary work itself would not have a meaningful effect on profitability? It seems to have decided to donate talent in good will with good will. If there was a performance fee, it probably would not have been possible. I was worried about the performance fee between us, but I got the story from the side of Lee Minho (talent donation). Thank you.

(Joe) The person who is Lee Minho is really a fugitive. I lay well on the ground (laughs) (Lee Minho is very plain, he likes to lay on the ground). It was also the day when Lee Min-ho took the National Brand Award in the National Assembly. When I saw that big award, I realized the reality and I was amazed that 'our presenters are this kind of person', but when Lee Min - ho returns to the filming scene, they all clap together with 'applause' , then they took the baggage and went into the mountain.(laugh)

Q. 'DMZ, The Wild' became the last work before Lee Min Ho's enlistment. Did you know.

A. (Kim) We did not know that 'DMZ, The Wild' would be the last work before Lee Min Ho's admission. Lee Minho probably knew that this work would be his last work before his admission. When Lee Minho chooses 'DMZ, The Wild', he told me that he wanted to show a different image from the existing one. It was a great choice. We could not treat him as a star at all. Nevertheless, Lee Min-ho was a member of the staff without a voice and was with us. I am sorry that I am thankful that the Hallyu star Lee Minho has been hungry and busy shooting with us.

MBC documentary "DMZ the Wild" production team changed the documentary and cast Lee Min Ho as a presenter.

UHD Opening Special MBC Special "DMZ, The Wild" is a documentary that reveals the mysterious ecology of the DMZ and the people of DMZ, the largest temperate forest in the world, which had not been introduced in the media until now. It will be televised every Monday for three weeks starting at 11:10.

Especially actor Lee Minho participated as a presenter and gathered many topics. Lee Minho participated in the film throughout the filming period, which lasted one year and six months from October 2015 to spring 2017. He agreed with the intention of making The Wild, a story about the vivid aspect of the DMZ. He also participated in documentaries with talent donations.

The DMZ, The Wild, has produced many topics, but it has been difficult for the director who produced the documentary to maintain the balance between the nature of the natural documentary and the presenter Lee Min Ho. I interviewed the production crew through an interview with Kim Jung Min director of 'DMZ, The Wild' and assistant director Cho Chul Young. Director Sung Hyun did not participate in the schedule interview. Below is the answer.

Q. It was a hot topic because Lee Min-ho, a Korean wave star, appeared as a presenter, but it seemed more difficult to keep the balance. Maybe Lee Min Ho might look bigger than DMZ.
A. (Cho, Chul-young PD, Joe) I am afraid that it will become 'Lee Min-ho docu.' It's a dilemma.
(Kim, Jung-min PD, Kim) In fact, the agreement was not easily made internally. Fortunately, I was able to secure enough footage to edit in any direction. I could hook it up with Lee Min Ho 's troubles to remind me of a program to go to the jungle. I had enough to concentrate on the natural documentary, so I had to worry about which direction to take with various spectrum.

The discussions were long in the production team, and the meeting with the top was also long. There was a long process of agreeing which line was the most appropriate line. As a director, I like myself. Lee Minho wrapped up his burden, followed by taking photos, edited by Lee Min Ho 's journey, putting it in, and listening to the advice of his seniors. I think the finished product is the most ideal result. Thanks to a lot of shooting, it was possible to edit it to suit your taste.

Q. Lee Min Ho was a full-time presenter. It is also a form that can not be found before. If there is a reference to the role of Lee Min Ho, what kind of work is there?
A. (Kim) I thought of Kim Sang-jung's role as 'I want to know' as a reference. I usually shoot in the studio, but if it is a special feature, Kim Sang Joong does not shoot outdoor. When Lee Minho first asked, "What role should I play?" The documentary where the presenters appeared like in ours was rare in Korea and there was no documentary about the reference because it was only about mentoring.

In overseas documentaries, there are many cases where a presenter gets into the scene, buries it, and rolls it live. However, there are many such specialists like biologists who can not play the role of such an expert. So we said we should do it ourselves instead of the existing one. We asked Lee Minho to spend a lot of time with us and he was quite faithful there. It was the first time to try it, so it took a long time to adapt.

Q. It seems to be an extraordinary attempt to present the documentary with the presenter in person. I think it would be a good idea to be a new genre of documentary.
A. (Joe) I thought I could become a new genre of documentary. The presenter is not just a forwarder, but a person's ears and eyes. It would be interesting to work with people who are passionate about such things and work to build a record of time while shooting together. As a result of my recent documentary, I learned a lot through this new work, "DMZ, The Wild," and it was a valuable opportunity to think about the new direction of documentary.

(Kim) Documentary directors are also making efforts to escape from the traditional genre standard. It is no longer meaningful to have a documentary about entertainers' participation in documentary or entertainment. The document team also makes a lot of effort to adapt to the era when the boundaries of the genre are severely destroyed. In the case of 'Human Documentary Love', he wrote a variety of illustrations and animation techniques. As such, it has been a lot of troubles to dissolve the document that was not existing. One of them is the participation of the presenters and we are looking for new techniques.

Q. So, where did the changes in the documentary come to now?
(Kim) Documentary is not for the small number of typesetters like the olden days, or is not the attitude program that the maker wants to inform. I think that it is getting more and more changing, and it is becoming a genre that has a competitive edge through competition and choice. Recently, various genres of arts have been poured into the world, and in the meantime, the documentary genre has become a fresh content. I think it is a genre that is sufficiently attractive in that it is a genre where content that can last a long time in one's head is not a simple pleasure.

Q. There were some people who worried that it would be 'Lee Min Ho Documentary' about Lee Min Ho's 'DMZ The Wild'. What do you have as a director?
A. (Joe) If 'DMZ the Wild' is good, I think there will be more of these presenters participating in the documentary. Even when the celebrity narration began, there was a critical eye, but now it is not well established. I hope that if this work is done well, the documentary can be made into a richer genre.

(Kim) In fact, personally, 'DMZ the Wild' may become 'Lee Minho document'. For whatever reason, I wish I could see more people. However, I am worried that the sweat and effort of the troubled staff will be banned. Although Lee Min-ho is starting to see the documentary and Lee Min-ho's figure is the most memorable, the DMZ in the docu- ment is reminiscent of the viewers in some form. There must be someone to watch and the documentary will be continued. Whatever you think of as a document, it does not matter how you start to look.

"The Wild" PD "Quality yourself ... just give me a minute of patience"

MBC documentary crew of 'DMZ, The Wild' revealed confidence in the documentary.

UHD Opening Special MBC Special "DMZ, The Wild" is a documentary that reveals the mysterious ecology of the DMZ and the people of DMZ, the largest temperate forest in the world, which had not been introduced in the media until now. It will be televised every Monday for three weeks starting at 11:10.
Actor Lee Minho has collected more topics bring you participate, directly involved in the DMZ taken six months to one year presenter, DMZ, more wild. Lee Minho bar also preached an extraordinary testimony to the mysterious land of the DMZ, so to say, "The reason to participate in the DMZ Documentary" at the press conference. I looked for an opportunity to deal a DMZ through an interview with Kim Jeongmin jocheolyoung director and assistant director of the 'DMZ, more wild. Director Sung Hyun did not participate in the schedule interview. Below is the answer.

Q. "DMZ, The Wild" is ahead of the main program. How about.
A. (Cho, Cheol-Young PD, Joe) There are many beautiful scenes, and it is expected to go to UHD. Lee Minho suffered a lot of hardship, but it does not come out as a natural documentary. Nevertheless, Lee Min-ho has enthusiastically participated, and there is an expectation that such a passion can be seen as a compression.

(Kim, Jung-min PD, Kim) It is a project prepared from 2015. It is expected that the documentary made with a lot of money for a long time will be delivered vividly. As Lee Min Ho said, "This place was in Seoul, but we lived without knowing it," people around the world are interested in the DMZ. I want you to know that there is this fantastic place right in front of you.

Q. Why DMZ?
A. (Kim) I do not know why the DMZ was chosen, but it is sure to be an interesting item overseas. I do not come from the DMZ and Panmunjom with any greetings from overseas. I know that it started with the overseas market in mind. I figured out what to do when I surveyed the DMZ and thought it would be okay to give it to the world. Is not it the only area where people declared they would not go on their own. It was appealing to the area that human beings did not go in for 70 years and was preserved.

Q. How about a photo of a mysterious area called the DMZ?

A. (Kim) It was the first time that no artifacts were caught. The wild boar crawls up through the fence, and the soldiers do not care about it. Animals in the DMZ are taught that humans will not attack us. Sensitive animals also pass by soldiers standing guard. Such an unusual figure was worth giving.

(Joe) I'm standing in the chorus, I can see everywhere. There is nothing, and there is no sound. It was a strange scenery that I had never seen before. I heard that there are many historical sites in the DMZ. When I saw it, I came to the fact that I was a divided country.

Q. I do not think it's easy to get permission to shoot the DMZ.
A. (Kim) It was hard to get permission to shoot. At the time of planning, it was MOU with the Ministry of National Defense, and when the DMZ was promoted nationally, the situation suddenly changed suddenly as national issues such as North Korea nuclear tests suddenly appeared. It took a great deal of time to start shooting.

It was hard for each division to have permission to get the final filming permission and responsibility. There were a lot of things that should not be taken and things that should not be done even if they have permission. There are good angles to go a little longer, and there are some good scenes that I could not take some of them. There were many times when that part was not enough for a person who took a documentary.

Q. After a lot of efforts, I came up with 'DMZ, The Wild'. What would you say to your viewers?
A. (Joe) I have seen the fan club site once, but at first, I focused on Lee Min Ho, who appeared in the production presentation and documentary, and there were many people interested in the DMZ the Wild documentary itself. I should say that I felt the possibility by looking at it. I thought a lot. I hope that more people will take a look at the documentary.

(Kim) The channel fixation time of the viewer is not long. That's why I'm worried about the possibility that the channel will be turned on quickly because of the prejudice of documentary. To be honest, the quality is confident. If you remove the prejudice of the boredom of documentary and fix the channel for one minute, you will probably see it all the way to the end. There are many scenes that are strongly memorable. So please invest only one minute of patience.

English - Korean Translation: gtLmh0622

Original Source: Naver / Soompi

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