Tuesday, May 10, 2016

[SPECIAL] Happy 10th Year of Debut Anniversary for Actor Lee Min Ho!~

For our dear beloved Actor Lee Min Ho, happy 10th Year of Debut Anniversary!~^^

Thank You for everything you have given to us, both as an Actor Lee Min Ho and as a man named Lee Min Ho. 10 years has passed, it has been so fast, but it has also been so slow..those 10 years has been feel so long, but yet so short...it has been 10 years full of happiness and yet full of tears, like how it's supposed to be in the world. Thank You for everything, Thank You for your smile, and Thank You for your tears that you have shown for us also, everything. We can't show how much we're thankful for you, Thank You for your decision to become an Actor and introduce yourself to us. We can't actually explain why we love you, and we know we don't have to explain it to you because we just love you just the way you are. We love your eyes, your smile, your tears, your everything, just the way you are. We love the kind, charming, charismatic, happy, funny, and bright Lee Min Ho, everything about just the way our Lee Min Ho is. We never forget they day we know you, we have never regret our decision to become your fans and supporter, and we will never regret it. On the opposite, If we hadn't know a man and an actor named Lee Min Ho, we wouldn't feel this kind of happiness and shed this kind of tears. We want you to know that you are our reason to be happy and sad, you are the reason of our smile and tears, and we're thankful for it. We can't say how proud and thankful we are to become your fans, and how proud we are of you, Lee Min Ho ssi. Not only because of your face that we had to admit is handsome, not only because of your popular films and dramas, or because of the awards that you receive as an actor, but also as a human being, as a fully mature man.
Lee Min Ho ssi, Thank You for giving all of you in the past 10 years. Thank You for all of your very hard work for us in the past 10 year. Thank You for all of your love towards us and Thank You for allowing us to love you back and support you for 10 years. Thank You for all of your support to us, Lee Min Ho ssi, Thank You for the strength that you have given to us. Even though you said you receive a lot of love, strength and support from us, we hope you realize that we receive a lot of love, strength and support from you also. There are a lot of times when you said that you want to deliver your love towards us and Lee Min Ho ssi, we hope you know that your message are delivered perfectly towards us. Thank You, Thank You very much for also showing your never ending love for us, your fans and supporter. When we feel that we want to show our love for you, we want to show our strength and we want to support you, again it's always us who receives love and support from you instead, just like always.

We as Minoz are terribly sorry if we're lacking as fans. Sometimes, we doubt your honesty, we misunderstood you, we doubt your sincerity and we doubt your love towards us. Sometimes, we didn't support you as you wanted us to be, sometimes we're not there when you need us the most..sometimes, we accidentally and unintentionally leave you when you need us, and we are terribly sorry. We are really sorry and please receive this imperfect us as your fans and supporter...As you have said that you are never perfect as a man, please receive us who are not perfect also as your fans and supporter. Please allow us, Minoz, to promise that we will try to be better, we will keep loving you and keep supporting you, as best as we can, forever, until it reached the limit for us. Please allow us to do so, in return for your love towards us.

When you feel tired, alone and sad, or when you feel that there's no one will stay by your side and no one is supporting you..Please, Lee Min Ho ssi, remember us..we, your fans, Minoz are exist...your family are also exist and you don't have to be afraid or worried...We hope that by remembering us, you will feel that you are not alone and realize that there are many people who loves you and support you...please allow us to be there and give you some strength, not only when you are happy, not only when you're on top of your career but when you're sad, when you are alone, depressed and when you needs us the most~

Minoz's hope for you is only for your happiness, healthiness and success..please always be happy, keep smiling with your family, your father, your mother, your sister and maybe, someday..with someone you love, someone you choose to be your partner in life forever...We only hope that you will be happy and cherish yourself, without any burden. Your happiness is our happiness, and your sadness, will be our sadness also. If you want to further your career as an Actor or Director, please allow us to follow you and support you, since it is what you want and it is what makes you happy. We hope that you can do anything that you wanted to do, and we hope that you can achieve anything that you wanted to achieve in life. No matter what you do, no matter what path of life that you take and no matter what decision you make in life, no matter how small or big it is, as long as it makes you happy, please allow us to support you. Even though we are sorry that sometimes we might be a burden for you, please allow us to follow you everywhere you go..please allow us to stay silently in your back, supporting you to do anything that you want, anything that you're passionate about..

Lee Min Ho ssi, allow us to get closer to you and know you better, as you always wanted to be closer to us and know us better. When we are getting closer to you and know you better, allow us to give you our strength and love to go through your life, as you have given us so much strength and love for our lives. Please allow us to be your source of strength, your reason to be happy, your family, your best friend, your fans, your one and only, your forever supporter and finally, your everything. As you have said that we are your one and only, we hope you know that you are also our one and only. As you have said that we are your everything, we also want to shout to you that you are our idol, our prince, our brother, our family, our best friend, our one and only, our source of strength and happiness and finally, our everything. Allow us to follow you and give you our all, to give you all of our effort since you have give your all and all of your effort for us.

Lee Min Ho ssi, please do not ever change...we have never asked you to change and we will never asked you to change because we love you just the way you are right now, Lee Min Ho who we loved. Even though you said that we had to learn to be a better person...Even though we know that you had always wanted to be a better person each day, please do not change anything inside of you, and please do not lose your identity in that process to be a better person. Please allow us to grow through life together with you be a better person, together, while not changing our own identity and still being ourselves.

Lee Min Ho ssi, no matter what happen, please allow us to continue to stay by your side because we found our happiness by just staying by your side, giving you our love and support..please allow us to continue to love you, to give you our strength, our love and to support you from your back silently..and please, if you can, continue to stay by our side...please continue to love us, support us and be our source of strength, just like what you always do. Lee Min Ho ssi, please continue to trust us, please trust our sincere feeling towards you. As you always promise that you will always become ours, we promise that we will always become yours. Please allow us to protect you, just like you always protect us, Lee Min Ho ssi.

To conclude, Thank You for everything, Lee Min Ho ssi..please remember, we promise that we will always try our best to be there for you~ please allow us to promise that we will love you and support you until the end, through happy times and sad time, no matter what happen.. trust us and trust our sincere feelings towards you..no matter what happen, please never give up on us, please never give up on your fans as we promise to never give up on you also...if someday, just in case we decided to leave you, we hope we can find you standing at the same place, by our side..we hope we would know that you have never, and will never leave us~

Please allow us to happily celebrate this event every year, together with you~ while maybe we had trouble on expressing ourselves towards you due to our different language, we hope our sincere feelings reaches you~


From: Minoz Around The World

Lee Min Ho's History of Dramas:

2002: (MBC) "Romance" (로망스) -> Cameo as a Troubled Student
2003: (KBS2) "Sharp 1" ( 성장드라마 반올림1) -> Cameo as an Art Institute Student
(MBC) "Nonstop 5" (논스톱 5) -> Cameo as a Guest
(MBC) "Love Hymn"/"Recipe of Love" (사랑찬가) -> Cameo as a Waiter

2006 (DEBUT YEAR) :
(EBS) - "Secret Campus" (비밀의 교정) as Park Du Hyun (박두현)

(SBS) "Mackerel Run" (달려라 고등어) as Cha Gong Chan (차공찬)
(KBS2) "I Am Sam" (아이엠샘) as Heo Mo Se (허모세)

2008:(MBC) Get Up / I Don't Know it Well, Either (나도 잘 모르지만) as Min Wook Gi (민욱기)
2009: (KBS2) "Boys Over Flowers" (꽃보다 남자) as Gu Jun Pyo (구준표)
2010: (MBC) "Personal Taste"/"Personal Preference" (개인의 취향) as Jeon Ji Ho (전진호)
2011: (SBS) "City Hunter" (시티헌터) as Lee Yoon Seong (이윤성)
2012: (SBS) "The Faith"/"The Great Doctor" (신의/信義) as General Choi Young (최영)
2013: (SBS) "The Heirs"(상속자들) as Kim Tan (김탄

Lee Min Ho's List of Films:

"Public Enemy Returns" (강철중: 공공의 적 1-1) as Jung Ha Yeon (정하연)
"Our School E.T" (울학교 이티) as Oh Sang Hoon (오상훈)

"Gangnam Blues"/"Gangnam 1970" (강남1970) as Kim Jong Dae (김종대)

"Bounty Hunters" (바운티 헌터스) as Yi San (이산)

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