Wednesday, May 13, 2015

From So Ji Sub to Lee Min Ho and Kwon Yul

So Ji-sub asked if she would live with him. Hyeon Bin asked since when was she so pretty. Kwon Yulasked if she liked him and asked for kindness while they were together. Everything said by these men have caused sleepless nights for several women.

Kwon Yul from the drama "Let's Eat - Season 2" is a boyfriend someone would want in real life. We take a look back at several 'confessions' made by actors in dramas.

- KBS 2TV "Sorry, I Love You" So Ji-sub, "Do you want to eat or live with me? Do you want to eat or die with me?"

The words "Do you want to eat or live with me? Do you want to eat or die with me?" by So Ji-sub from the drama "Sorry, I Love You" made girls shriek. He said this is a manly and wild way and it was his way of confessing his feelings for Im Soo-jeong. Cha Moo-hyeok is a character who's been through a lot of pain but his strong appeal is one no one can deny. This is a classic until today.

- SBS "Secret Garden" Hyeon Bin, "Kil Ra-im! Since when were you so pretty?"

Hyeon Bin shook the hearts of women all over the country with heart-melting phrases every episode. Out of all those, the best can be said to be, "Kil Ra-im! Since when were you so pretty?" and "This person next to me is Kim Tae-hee and Jeon Do-yeon". Kim Joo-won blurted out his heart at every chance he could.

- SBS "The Heirs" Lee Min-ho in the role of Kim Tan, "Do you like me?"

The words, "Do you like me?" was just right of a confession for a teenage boy but brought the heart shaking effect of a nuclear bomb. Through Lee Min-ho's bold confession of love, many people recalled their dreams of romance once again.
- tvN "Let's Eat - Season 2", Kwon Yul in the role of Lee Sang-woo, "You have to be good to me while we're dating".

In the current broadcasting drama "Let's Eat - Season 2", Kwon Yul is more realistic than ever. His confessions of love made him the wannabe boyfriend and targeted the hearts of women. He blurts out the words, "We should see each other" as if he was casually carrying out a conversation but it's so honest and sudden that no one can resist. The words seem so real and not in a drama, therefore women all over the country had a hard time going to bed because of the butterflies in their stomachs.

These classic scenes will never be forgotten time after time. On the other hand, expectations are high forKwon Yul as female viewers look forward to his next confession.

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