Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lee Min Ho's Social Network Updates - 08.03.2014

Update on Weibo: "오늘 여러분 만나서 즐거웠어요, 담에 또 만나요, 감기조심하세요 很高兴今天见到大家,希望下次再见面,大家小心不要感冒"
English Translation: ""Today it is truly really fun to meet all of you, i'll see you again throughout the fence, please take care and do not catch a flu. Today it is very fun to meet all of you, i hope to see you all again next time, please take care, do not catch a cold~"

Update on Me2Day: "감기 조심하세요 ~"
English Translation: "Be careful of the cold~"

Photo Subject: "중국 항저우에서"
English Translation: "In Hangzhou, China"

Update on LINE Messenger: "Hope you have a fulfilling day with no regrets.."

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