Sunday, August 11, 2013

[Exclusive] "Aren't You Hot?" Lee Min Ho, Fall Fashion, A Little Bit Too Early

[TV Report=Park Sul-i]

Lee Min-ho, a Korean Wave star, in a trip to Beijing, China, for a concert, went ahead of weather and came out wearing an autumn outfit.
Lee Min-ho announced his plans for a concert at a press conference in Xinshijiriang Hotel, Beijing. As this was the last stop of the world tour, Chinese media competed fiercely at the press conference.
Despite the scorching weather of Beijing, Lee Min-ho showed up wearing an autumn outfit. He wore a pull-over on top of his white shirts, presenting a dandy fall look that highlighted his long legs.

“I am currently receiving some scripts. If I feel the series suit me, I am willing to take part in it,” said Lee Min-ho when asked whether he was considering entering the Chinese market.
Lee Min-ho will have final performance of his world tour concert ‘My Everything’ at Beijing Exhibition Center at 7:30 PM, on the 10th.

Photograph= CFP Special Contract

source: Naver

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