Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lee Min Ho-Girls' Generation Yoona Join in on the '1+1 Cutie' Song

Today, actor Lee Min Ho and Girls' Generation member Yoona appeared on a show together and performed the '1+1 cutie' song.
The two were together to film an outdoor shoot.
MC Park Seul Gi asked the two to show the '1+1' song that was popular online. Yoona succeeded in showing off a cute and fun image. Lee Min Ho commented, "Oh my god, I've never even done this before."
On the other hand, the two also revealed their honest thoughts about their personality and their position in the group.

Source: kpopstarz

Girls' Generation Yoona Digs her Own Grave? 'My Face is Getting as old as Lee Min Ho'

Girl group Girls' Generation (SNSD)'s Yoona dug her own grave through a joke.
On MBC "Section TV" today, Yoona said during her interview, "I'm catching up to the old-looking star,Lee Min Ho," arousing laughter.
The reporter told Yoona, who is 3 years younger than Lee Min Ho, "You two look like you're the same age."
At this, Lee Min Ho said, "I look old too, but Yoona is catching up to me."

Photo Credit: MBC
Source: kpopstarz

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